Witches Tales Volume Four December 1953 - December 1954 Issues 22 - 28

$ 24.99

Harvey Horrors Collected Works

Introduction: James Lovegrove

Publisher/Date: PS Artbooks; (c. 2013) First Edition, stated. NAP Slipcase Edition. Signed print not included.

ISBN: 9781848605197

Format/Condition: New hardcover book with slipcase in Fine condition. Signed print not included. 288 pages; 7 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches. Profusely illustrated in color.

Description: Dare you read these eerie tales of the supernatural from this forgotten classic? Another classic title from Harvey Horrors, Witches Tales ran for 28 issues in the 1950’s. Now for the first time we have collected all together in four volumes. Digitally enhanced and reproduced in their entirety, with special introductions and illustrations from leading authors and artists.

Volume Four collects issues 22 - 28 December 1953 - December 1954. Volume Four exclusively features a special introduction from a leading genre author and a profile of one of the genre's leading artists - Tom Hickey, plus examples of his original artwork.

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