Victorian Yellowbacks and Paperbacks Complete Set of Nine Volumes

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Author: Dr. Chester W. Topp

Publisher/Date: Denver, CO: Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop (1993) First edition limited to 500 copies, except for Volume I, of which 750 copies were printed.

Format/Condition: Nine new gilt-stamped cloth hardcover books with dust jackets in Fine condition. Each book is 7.5 x 10.8 inches and variously paginated. Illustrated with color plates.

Description: The complete, nine volume bibliography of over 25 publishers of Victorian Yellowbacks and paperbacks. First edition limited to 500 copies, except for Volume I (550 pages), of which 750 copies were printed. An expansion of the work of Michael Sadleir and the catalogue of the Robert Wolf collection, this series represents the first comprehensive study of this important literary genre. Taken together, the nine volumes shed new light on Victorian popular culture.

Originally published as inexpensive books to be sold in railway book stalls, Yellowbacks represent a major cultural window through which we can view Victorian England. Although their bibliographic importance has been recognized since 1938, until now there has been no systematic study of these books which, in many cases, represent the true first edition of an author's work. Dr. Chester W. Topp has spent 30 years compiling the definitive bibliography of over 20 publishers of Victorian Yellowbacks and paperbacks. This study is based on his own extensive library of 1,700 Yellowbacks and 1,900 19th century paperbacks and an exhaustive search of every major trade and literary journal of the last century.

Arranged chronologically by publisher, each numbered entry includes information on the first English and American editions, along with other important editions. Each volume includes frontispiece, listing of short titles and abbreviations, historical information on the publishers, color plates, and name, series, title indices.

Volume I - George Routledge
(ISBN 0-9633920-0-X)

Volume II - Ward & Lock
(ISBN 0-933920-1-8)

Volume III - Hotten, Chatto & Windus; Chapman & Hall
(ISBN 0-9633920-2-6)

Volume IV - Frederick Warne & Co.; Sampson Low & Co.
(ISBN 09633920-3-4)

Volume V - Macmillan & Co.; Smith, Elder & Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-4-2)

Volume VI - Longmans, Green & Co.; C.H. Clarke; John Maxwell & Co.; Tinsley Bros.
(ISBN 0-9633920-5-0)

Volume VII - F.V. White & Co.; Cassell & Co.; William Blackwood & Sons; Vizetelly & Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-6-9)

Volume VIII - Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; J.W. Arrowsmith; Richard Bentley; Ward & Downey; James Blackwood
(ISBN 0-9633920-7-7)

Volume IX - David Bryce; Ingram, Cooke & Co.; Henry Lea; Swan Sonnernschein & Co.; J.&C. Brown & Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-8-5)

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