Venetian Glass 1890-1990

$ 19.99

Author: Rosa Barovier Mentasti

Publisher/Date: Arsenale Editrice (c. 1992) Third Edition, 1997

ISBN: 9788877431196

Format/Condition: New hardcover book in Fine condition. 208 pages, index; 9.7 x 12.4 x 0.8 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color.

Description: The Venetian art of glass-blowing, the longest-standing tradition of its kind in Europe, is spotlighted in this volume which follows a succession of styles from Art Nouveau through the Viennese Secession, Art Deco, the 1930s Novecento style with its transparent, simple forms, to the burst of creativity in the '60s and '70s and the contemporary return to color and representation.

 A center of glassmaking in Europe for more than a thousand years, Venice in the early 19th century had been eclipsed by more industrial glassmakers. Yet by focusing on superb artisanal pieces, Venice again became a leader in the production of art glass throughout the 20th century. Murano-born Rosa Barovier Mentasti, a world-class authority on the history of glass, here presents a gorgeously illustrated survey of modern glass in Venice, with nearly 200 vivid color photos and page-filling closeups, including many of previously unpublished rare pieces in private collections.

Superb large-scale color photographs, including many of previously unpublished rare pieces in private collections, illustrate the unrivalled quality of 20th century glassmaking in Venice.

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