Strange Stories The Photography of Gerald Davis

$ 19.99

Author:  Todd Oldham

Photographer:  Gerald Davis   

Publisher/Date:  AMMO Books (2014)  

ISBN: 9781623260408  

Format/Condition: New large format hardcover book in Fine condition. 96 pages. Dimensions: 11.8 x 0.6 x 15.8 inches Lavishly illustrated in color.  

Description: Palm Beach society, celebrities, nudist colonies, politicians, bald-headed men’s conventions, natural disasters, and even the world’s fattest cat were all captured through the elegant and clever lens of photographer Gerald Davis.

Davis produced a prolific body of work that is at once weird and wonderful. As a resident of West Palm Beach, Davis had access to the eccentric and rarefied world of wealthy Palm Beachers and eccentric Floridians. Many of his images evoke the glamour and irony of its subjects, such as a sequined and fur-draped socialite posing languidly with her cat underneath a massive chandelier and frescoed ceiling. Davis gets the shot with the cat’s teeth digging in its owner’s hand.

Todd Oldham discovered these STRANGE STORIES and knew they needed to be compiled into this lovely and humorous look at our society through the lens of an unassuming and devoted photographer. This secret treasure trove of images that range from Elizabeth Taylor to the waterskiing squirrel and dirty crime in the mean streets of Miami is sure to surprise and delight its viewers.

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