Silver Stackers A Historical Narrative and Photographic Depiction of the U.S. Steel Fleets

$ 19.99

Author: Richard J. Kruse

Publisher/Date: Ohio: Freshwater Press (c. 2001)

ISBN: 0912514442
ISBN-13: 9780912514444

Format/Condition: New hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 295 pages, index. 8.75 x 11.25 inches. Profusely illustrated in black-and-white.

Description: The creation of U.S. Steel Corp. in 1901 merged many small steel makers into one giant corporation. To move the huge tonnage of raw materials needed to feed the furnaces, it was necessary to assemble a fleet of vessels. This book covers the 100-year history of the fleet, through several corporate restructurings.


• Capsule of Events
• Time Line: 1901-2000
• Register of Vessels Acquired
• The Pittsburgh Fleet
• Carnegie Fleet
• The First Pittsburgh Steamship Company
• Bessemer Steamship Company
• American Steel Barge Company
• Minnesota Steamship Company
• Zenith Transit Company
• Menominee Transit Company
• Mutual Transportation Company
• American Steamship Company
• 1902 Through 1909
• The Growth Continues
• The Great Storm of November 1905
• Wreck of the Mataafa
• The Sinking of the Ellwood
• Wreck of the Edenborn and Madeira
• Condition of the Corey
• The Coralia and Maia
• Wreck of the Crescent City
• Fate of the Lafayette and Manila
• Union Steel Company
• Eddy-Shaw Transit Company
• 600-Footers
• 1910 Through 1919 - A Busy Time
• Weston Transit Company
• Acme Transit Company
• The Isherwood System (Rethinking Hull Construction)
• The Pittsburgh Steamship Company 1910-1919
• Provident Steamship Company
• Accident Arbitration
• 1920 Through 1939
• The Miller Class
• 1940 Through 1949
• The Pittsburgh Supers
• The L6-Type Ore Carriers of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company
• 1950-1959
• The Pittsburgh AAA Class
• Many Old Friends Depart
• The Merger of the Bradley Fleet
• A Time of Change
• Vessels Owned by the Fleet that were not Bulk Carriers
• U.S. Steel Corporation Subsidiaries Which Have Had Vessels Sailing on the Great Lakes
• Pittsburgh Record Setters
• Alphabetical Index of Vessels Acquired or Built for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company

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