Prints of Samuel Chamberlain N.A.

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Drypoints - Etchings - Lithographs

 Authors: Narcissa G. Chamberlain and Jane Field Kingsland

Foreword: Philip McNiff

Introduction: David McCord

Publisher/Date: Boston Public Library, 1984 t.p. (c. 1984) First Edition. NAP.

Format/Condition: New large cloth hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 364 pages, appendices, indices. 9 x 12 1/4 inches. Profusely illustrated in black-and-white.

Description: Samuel Chamberlain (1895 - 1975) was widely respected for his work as a printmaker, artist, photographer, and writer. He received many awards and more than eighty books are credited to him.

He was born in Iowa and raised in Washington state. In 1915 he enrolled in the architectural program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, but his education was interrupted by World War I. Like many other young Americans, including future literary stars Ernest Hemingway and E.E. Cummings, he sailed for France to join the volunteer ambulance corps.

At the conclusion of the war Chamberlain returned to Washington where he worked for a time as a renderer for various architectural firms and a commercial artist. But the lure of France was too strong, and in 1922 he headed back to Paris. While he would he return periodically to live in the United States for short stretches—he taught for a time at both M.I.T. and the University of Michigan—Chamberlain spent most of the next dozen years living in France or traveling about Europe. In 1922 he married Narcissa Gellatly, his beloved "Biscuit."

While living in Paris in the 1920s Chamberlain studied various printmaking techniques under some of the world's finest teachers. He and Biscuit had an opportunity to meet and socialize with a number of famous American expatriates including Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Louis Bromfield, and the sculptor Alexander Calder.


Preface and Acknowledgements

Chronology Of The Artist's Life

Narcissa Gellatly Chamberlain
Walter Muir Whitehill
Sinclair H. Hitchings
June and Norman Kraeft

Printmaking According To Chamberlain
Etching as a Medium of Architectural Expression
Lithographic Processes in Architectural Illustration
How to Make a Drypoint

A Guide To The Prints

The Prints
The Artist's Catalogue of Prints intended for Publication
Drypoints of Williamsburg, Virginia
Prints Considered Unpublished
Five Large Lithographs
The Portfolio, Vingt Lithographies du Vieux Paris
The Portfolio, Twelve Etchings of Yale
Drypoints Engraved for Covers of the Periodical Pencil Prints
Single Prints Engraved for Use as Illustrations in Books or Portfolios
Prints Illustrating the Book, The Education of Henry Adams
Prints Commissioned for Print Clubs and other Organizations
Privately Commissioned Prints

Appendices (6)
Indices (3)

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