Pinstripe Planet III The Latest Fine Lines From the World's Best

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Introduction: The Nash grew up in Tokyo. In 1994 he found himself in Los Angeles and out of idle curiosity bought the first issue of Juxtapoz magazine. He suffered he says, genuine Kulture shock, with a capital "K" and devoted himself to following the kustom kulture scenes around the world. As founder-editor of the renowned Burnout magazine he travels to the U.S. five to six times a year, often with Japanese pinstripers Mr. G. and Makoto as his krew. An impresario on the scene, and committed to showing the world the great talent coming out of Japan, he is usually maniacally busy, or as he puts it: "Go! Go! The Nash Never Stop!"

Publisher/Date: Korero Books (c. 2013) First Edition Korero Books is an independent publisher of books on contemporary visual culture and design.

ISBN: 1907621091
ISBN-13: 9781907621093

Format/Condition: New hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 192 pages; 9.8 x 11.5 inches. Lavishly illustrated in full color. The only text is the introduction and the captions.

Description: Following the success of Pinstripe Planet and Pinstripe Planet II, here is another blistering collection of all-new pinstripe art. The pinstripe scene continued to grow worldwide and has expanded beyond hot rods to a much wider audience, including tattoos, objects, and panel art. This third collection reflects these changes while including great new art from the core kustom scenes.

  With the same great production values as the earlier volumes and with a specially commissioned stunning new cover by Jeral Tidwell, Pinstripe Planet 3   includes artists from the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Artists featured include Jesper Bram (Denmark), Explo (Italy), David Hightower (Pittsburg, Kansas), Kamikaze (Japan), Casmin (Japan), Maze (Germany), Nefarious (UK), One Armed Bandit (Windsor, Connecticut), Jeremy Pedersen (Austin, Minnesota), Thomas Sigvardsson (Sweden), Sugi Sack (Japan), and Jeral Tidwell (Louisville, Kentucky). This book will provide essential inspiration for anyone into the kustom, hot rod, and tattoo scenes.

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