PEWTER at Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg Decorative Art Series

$ 16.99

Author: John D. Davis

Publisher/Date: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation/University Press of New England (2003)

ISBN-10: 1584653159
ISBN-13: 9781584653158

Format/Condition: New large and heavy black cloth hardcover with dust jacket is in Fine condition. 346 pages, including index. Profusely illustrated in color. Measures 9 1/2 x 12 inches.

Description: The collection of British pewter at Colonial Williamsburg is remarkable for its breadth and detail. It illustrates the development of basic forms and types of decoration from the first decades of the seventeenth century through those of the nineteenth, and includes a complementary admixture of American examples, which often exhibit readily identifiable regional and individual preferences. This catalog is divided into sections based on use, including dining wares, drinking vessels, and religious objects. This organization allows for the juxtaposition of related forms and for the appreciation of their chronologies and development.

The important Colonial Williamsburg collection that has been formed over the past seventy-five years. It highlights the many purposes pewter served in early American history, assisting in the transfer of culture from Europe and in the shaping of distinctive American attitudes and artifacts, and is also illustrative of the broad distribution of British wares, especially apparent in Virginia and the lower Chesapeake region, where there were relatively few practicing pewterers and where there was a decided dependence on imported pewter.

This handsome volume features nearly a thousand illustrations. The book includes a handy glossary and detailed photographs of all marks on the objects. Collectors, scholars, and students as well as those fascinated by the past will appreciate Pewter at Colonial Williamsburg not only for its design, but also for its comprehensive examination of this world-class collection.

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