North Atlantic Seafood A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes

$ 8.99

Author: Alan Davidson

Publisher/Date: Ten Speed Press (c. 2003) Third Edition, 1st Printing

ISBN: 1580084508
ISBN-13: 9781580084505

Format/Condition: New thick paperback book with French flaps in Fine condition. 512 pages, index; 6.8 x 10.2 x 1.1 inches. Illustrated with over 100 line drawings.

Description: The second installment in Alan Davidson's acclaimed seafood trilogy, North Atlantic Seafood is a comprehensive survey of the oceanic bounty found between the coasts of Europe and the shores of North America. The new edition provides detailed scientific descriptions of over 100 species, complemented by accounts of how the various fish, crustaceans, and mollusks are used in the cuisines of the North Atlantic region. A vast amount of information is imparted in Davidson's inimitable style, making the volume as accessible as it is authoritative.

The recipe collection of 200 regional recipes spans from France (Fillets of Sole with Morels) to Spain (Galician Octopus Pie) to South Carolina (She-Crab Soup) to Greenland (Marinated Halibut Fins). The regional recipes from France are divided into the South-West and the North-West. There are also recipes from Portugal, Spain, Beligium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Soviet Union, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Faroes, Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland. The recipes from the United States are divided into four parts: 1.) Northern New England; 2.) Rhode Island to New Jersey; 3.) The Chesapeake Region; 4.) The Carolinas and Georgia. Superbly helpful, knowledgeable, and witty, this is a fascinating tour through the cultures and cuisines of the Atlantic, and the waters that gave rise to them.

Davidson gives fish their rightful names in all the relevant languages and dialects; he supplies excellent regional recipes, and line drawings that will help you know what you are buying. With over 100 line drawings and 200 regional recipes, this landmark volume is an essential part of any serious cook.

The original edition of North Atlantic Seafood received the prestigious Glenfiddich Gold Medal award and the Andre Simon Award.

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