NAMESAKES 1900-1909 An Era Begins

$ 14.99

Author: John Greenwood

Publisher/Date: Freshwater (c. 1987) 1st Printing, stated. 10th Book in the Namesakes Series

ISBN: 0912514388
ISBN: 0912514310

Format/Condition: New brown cloth hardcover book with gilt ship design on cover in Fine condition. 529 pages, index; 6 x 9 1/4 inches. Profusely illustrated in black-and-white.

Description: If a vessel existed on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River during the period 1900-1909, its story is in this volume. Tenth in the Namesake series and fifth of the series which traces the growth of an emerging industry from its relative infancy to an industrial force unparalleled in history. This series offers a complete view of shipping on the Great Lakes in the 20th century.

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