Memories of a Lost World Travels through the Magic Lantern

$ 17.99

Author: Charlotte Fiell

Publisher/Date: Carlton Books Ltd (2015) Multilingual: English, German, French

ISBN: 9781906863074

Format/Condition: New heavy flexibound paperback book with French flaps in Fine condition. Lavishly illustrated in black-and-white and color. 704 pages. Dimensions: 7 x 8.7 x 2.4 inches

Description: "Memories of a Lost World: Travels through the Magic Lantern" takes you on a fascinating journey back through time to a pre-globalised world where regional customs and national cultures were as distinctive as they were diverse. From the bustling streets of Victorian London and the ruins of ancient Egypt to the temples of Japan and the tribesmen of New Guinea, this publication explores the world through a captivating collection of over 800 magic lantern slide images.

From the 1870s to the 1930s, photographic magic lantern slide shows were a popular, entertaining and educative way for people to learn about the world beyond their own shores. From Cairo and Delhi to Adelaide and Cape Town, intrepid photographers travelled to all corners of the world to document its peoples and customs. For the first time these images have been brought together in a single publication and the result is a beautiful yet poignant echo of a lost world that at the same time conveys a powerful sense of shared humanity.

"Memories of a Lost World: Travels through the Magic Lantern" is an important primary source of historical information, which precisely and beautifully documents what the world was like before the advent of television and mass-travel.

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