M4 SHERMAN TANK Owner Workshop Manual

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An insight into the history, development, production, uses, and ownership of the world's most iconic tank


Author: Pat Ware is an expert on military and civil vehicles, including armored fighting vehicles (AFVs). He is the author of more than twenty books, including The Illustrated Guide to Military Vehicles and The World Encyclopaedia of Military Motorcycles.

Publisher/Date: Zenith Press/Haynes (c. 2012)First edition. NAP

ISBN: 0760342946
ISBN-13: 9780760342947

Format/Condition: New hardcover book in Fine condition. 164 pages, index; 8.5 x 11 inches Profusely illustrated in color and black-and-white. Diagrams.

Description: The M4 Sherman can be said to be the tank that won World War II. With almost fifty thousand built during the war, it was America’s primary armored fighting vehicle during the war. Thousands of these found their way into the inventories of the British Army and Soviet Red Army as well as other allies.

This manual covers the development of the Sherman, the vast array of variants, and the use of the hull and chassis for other purposes. Also covered is production, anatomy, paintwork, and markings.

Information on the M4 in action takes the reader from combat against Rommel’s Afrika Korps to Italy, the invasion at Normandy, and the race across France.

And it wouldn’t be a Haynes manual without practical information about owning, restoring, and maintaining a Sherman tank. Whether you are an armchair General Patton or a serious collector, tips on buying a tank, special tools, handling heavy components, and recommended fluids and lubricants will prove invaluable.

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