Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s

$ 19.99

Edited by: Rian Hughes

Introduction: David Roach

Publisher/Date: Goodman Fiell/Carlton Books (c. 2013)

ISBN: 1847960456
ISBN-13: 9781847960450

Format/Condition: New heavy paperback book with French flaps in Fine condition. 512 pages, index; 8 x 10 x 1 1/4 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color. Text is limited to introduction, captions to magazine illustrations and brief biographies of the artists.

Description: An enthralling overview of the astonishing artistic skill of the leading lifestyle illustrators of the period, Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s reveals the changing social aspirations of the post-war generation and their growing optimism for the future. Featuring over 1,000 beautiful and stylistically diverse illustrations, this volume charts the decade's progression as the new younger generation emerged from post-war austerity to shape a new, more aspirational culture. From stylish and urbane young couples in romantic clinches to professional men and women exploring their new-found affluence and growing independence, this book provides an unsurpassed insight into the changing styles, fashions, dreams and social mores of the Fifties. The Fifties was an era of forward-looking optimism, and the hopes and desires of these postwar years were elegantly captured in the stunning artwork of the period.

Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s is an extensive gallery of spectacular rediscovered and restored artwork by the most talented graphic artists of the day, featuring artists such as Coby Whitmore, Joe DeMers, Andy Virgil, Lynn Buckham and Walter Wyles, who have lately achieved cult status with a younger generation of illustrators and designers.

An informative introduction explores places this long overlooked art form within the wider social context of the period, and in the process reveals how much our lifestyles have changed over the intervening years. This volume provides a nostalgic trip into a world of midcentury modern living.

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