Locke Art Glass

$ 5.99

A Guide for Collectors
With Photographic Illustrations of 190 Examples


Author: Joseph H. Locke & Jane T Locke

Foreword: Jane Shadel Spillman

Publisher/Date: Dover (1987) An original Dover publication.

ISBN-10: 0486254003
ISBN-13: 9780486254005

Format/Condition: New paperback book is in Fine condition. 64+ pages., index. Measures 11 in. x 8.2 in. x 0.2 inces. 68 black and white illustrations of 190 examples. Text includes foreword, preface, introduction. Detailed captions for illustrations.

Description: from the back cover:

The Locke Art Glass Company was widely praised during the early 20th century for its broad line of beautifully etched glassware, and Joseph Locke's work is still highly regarded and sought after by connoisseurs of collectible glass. This book reproduces photographs of the original sales catalog—a unique marketing tool used by Locke—and provides collectors with a way to identify and evaluate examples of Locke glass.

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