Development of the International Book Trade 1870-1895

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Author: Alison Rukavina is an Assistant Professor of English at Texas Tech University who specializes in nineteenth-century British and colonial literature and print culture. She is particularly interested in the transnational and global circulation of books and people in the nineteenth century.

Publisher/Date: London: Palgrave Macmillan (c. 2010) First Edition.

ISBN: 023027563X
ISBN-13: 9780230275638

Format/Condition: New small hardcover book in Fine condition. 182 pages, notes, bibliography, index; 5 /12. x 8 3/4 inches.

Description: At a time when the British Empire is reaching its peak, an international trade emerged between 1870-1895 that incorporated the circulation of books among countries worldwide: Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. This book surveys the transactions of select British and colonial publishers and distributors who pioneered distribution routes and used communication and transportation advances to overcome book piracy and other impediments to trade.

This book is a history of the social network and select agents in the late 19th century who sold and distributed books overseas. These agents often co-operated, as well as competed, with each other to improve book distribution and access to overseas markets. Rukavina traces colonial book markets, London publishing houses, and ambitious entrepreneurs who served as indispensable go-betweens.

Increasingly, agents like Edward Petherick who developed an international distribution agency-a Victorian though of the worlds as a linked network to which books were transnational commodities. One connection led to another as books were produced, distributed and consumed, and the social network expanded as agents engaged with one another in order to facilitate the international circulation of books.


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