In the Moment Japanese Art from the Larry Ellison Collection

$ 12.99

Authors: Laura Allen, Melissa Rinne and Emily Sano

Publisher/Date: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (c. 2013) Published on the occasion of the exhibition.

ISBN: 9780939117628

Format/Condition: New large format paperback book with French flaps in Fine condition. 176 pages. Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.45 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color.

Description: Filled with over 100 vivid works of art and insightful essays, "In the Moment" is an extensive work, featuring several Japanese art forms and crafts.

Inspired by an early love of Japanese aesthetics, tech entrepreneur and avid art collector Larry Ellison has assembled an impressive collection of Japanese art spanning some eleven hundred years of history. The current selection, which introduces the collection to the public for the first time, is organized into four areas: sculpture, painting, lacquer, and metalwork.

Highlights include a remarkable wood figure of Shotoku Taishi at age two, dating to the late 1200s or early 1300s; painted screens showcasing the use of classical Japanese and Chinese themes by Kano school artists in the late 1500s and early 1600s; and whimsical paintings of animals by innovative masters active in Kyoto in the 1700s.

The catalogue also features lacquers representing the Rinpa and Ritsuo traditions of craftsmanship and design; examples of the Japanese armor maker's art; and bronze vases and objects from the Meiji (1868–1912) and Taisho periods (1912–1926).

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