Home Series Volumes 1-10

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Publisher/Date: Beta-Plus (c. 2009)    

Vol 1 ISBN: 9789089440327
Vol 2 ISBN: 9789089440334
Vol 3 ISBN: 9789089440341
Vol 4 ISBN: 9789089440358
Vol 5 ISBN: 9789089440365
Vol 6 ISBN: 9789089440372
Vol 7 ISBN: 9789089440389
Vol 8 ISBN: 9789089440396
Vol 9 ISBN: 9789089440402
Vol 10 ISBN: 9789089440419  

Format/Condition: Ten new paperback books with French flaps in Fine condition. Each book has 128 pages. Dimensions: Each book is 7.9 x 9.6 x 0.4 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color.  

Description: The Home series is devoted to interior design and decoration. These are the first 10 books in the series of 30 books. Every book shows the finest projects by leading architects and interior specialists, in a kaleidoscope of styles and genres. The books provide inspirational and unique designs that are packed with impressive ideas for your own home.  

Volume 1 Living Rooms: The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house, for rest, relaxation, entertainment, family gatherings, welcoming visitors, hobbies, and many other purposes. This room is the real heart of the house, a transitional space between the outside world and the more private areas of the home, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. When it comes to furnishing and decoration, the living room is traditionally the space that receives most attention - and rightly so. This is the place in the home where we usually spend most of our time and the first room that guests see. The projects in this book reflect current trends and fashions and feature a diversity of styles: rustic and ultramodern, brightly coloured and in natural shades. The intention is not to present rigid codes for decoration, but instead to give everyone the opportunity to leaf through the pages and be inspired by the wide variety of interiors.  

Volume 2 Kitchens: This volume is concerned with kitchens, from the small to large, from country style to urban. With over 100 gorgeous color photographs, this book explores the layouts and trends in contemporary kitchen design.  

Volume 3 Classic Homes: Classic living is not bound by fleeting trends: it is the expression of good taste and sophistication. It is a style that stands the test of time without ever looking dated. The credo: upholding fixed, traditional values such as the beauty of durable natural materials, craftsmanship, authenticity and the quality of life. It's all about harmony, aesthetics and a subtle balance. The designers of timeless interiors reveal their mastery in the subtle and harmonious combination of creative ideas, colours and materials. Simple design with imaginative touches, a mixture of antique pieces, in classic or exotic styles, and beautiful designer furniture and objects: these are the ingredients of a classic and timeless interior. This book presents ten very different interiors that all have one thing in common: each of them conveys an atmosphere of timeless elegance.  

Volume 4 Bathrooms: The very definition of an intimate and private space, the bathroom is increasingly expected to satisfy new, modern demands. This room has to radiate a sense of comfort, beauty, security. It is a place for relaxation, wellness, escape, whether the design is contemporary, classic or even Baroque in style. More and more attention is devoted to the selection of luxury materials and high-tech gadgets. This makes the bathroom much more than a purely functional space, turning it into a real living space that deserves a lot of care and attention. This book features inspirational examples of bathrooms in a wide range of styles and forms: timeless, ultramodern, rustic, exotic. There are so many different ideas for creative interiors where the bathroom occupies a prominent position.  

Volume 5 Living with Colour: Colour is a universal language and a way of expressing ourselves. It is one of the most important elements for bringing atmosphere and character into a home. Colours have many different associations and virtues: they can calm and relax us or make us feel energised. However, colours are often difficult to choose and may not always be simple to combine. Using a basic palette of three primary colours, with the addition of black and white, you can create an endless range of different shades: muted, vibrant, saturated or subdued. All of the projects presented in this book were created by experts in contemporary interior design throughout Western Europe. The selected colour palettes all owe something to local architectural traditions and to the style of the property. Subtle, monochrome colours set the tone in many of the projects. Opting for a sober, minimalist style also has an influence on the use of colour. Other interiors feature a slightly more exuberant take on colour, with a rich and varied palette showing influences from all over the world.  

Volume 6 Apartments: Apartments are designed for city lifestyles and their specifications may be more restrictive than for houses, often having less available space and a lack of natural light. They also have to offer a refuge from the aggressive world outside, with its noise and pollution. All of these factors combine to make city apartments a real design challenge and an appealing exercise in interior design: improving the circulation between the various living spaces, adapting the layout to modern lifestyles, creating views through the home and making the best possible use of the available space. Furnishing compact volumes, decorating a box that has no character, integrating different functions to create a harmonious home: this can be a tricky job for the architect and interior designer. This book presents recent projects by renowned architects and designers who have responded magnificently to these challenges. These classic and contemporary apartments and lofts, some spread over two or even three floors, have all been transformed into distinctive and impressive homes.  

Volume 7 Small Spaces: Ingenious, modular, multi-functional, tailor-made: these are the key words that crop up most often when people talk about small living areas. Creating a sense of space in smaller properties can be a real challenge. All of the projects in this book have one thing in common: you quickly forget their limited dimensions. In fact, they often appear to be very spacious. It all comes down to the skill of the designer. This book presents sixteen projects featuring many useful, space-saving tips from inspirational designers and interior architects. Their ideas are ingenious, but often very simple, and can transform a compact space into a pleasant and comfortable place to live.  

Volume 8 Children's Rooms: Children's rooms contain a number of functions: a space for learning and playing, for sleeping and relaxing, and the place where children create their own fantasy worlds, their own territory, a refuge far away from the world of adults. It is essential to involve children in the design of their rooms so that they feel a sense of ownership and enjoy spending time there. This book presents a large number of children's rooms that achieve this aim of providing the perfect environment for the individual child.  

Volume 9 Floor & Wall Coverings: Floors and walls are also of great importance for the style of a house. Their size and obvious presence means that they have a major influence on the style and decoration of the home. Contemporary, avant-garde, traditional, rustic... So many different styles, all indicating the decorative tastes of the residents and revealing their priorities: long-lasting, natural, authentic, antique or modern materials. The range of choices is enormous. Whether they demonstrate the owners' fondness for the past or for more modern design, floors, walls and fireplaces are signature pieces in the home and provide the perfect finishing touch. This book reveals the diversity of options and presents luxury materials to introduce style and panache to every interior.  

Volume 10 Designer Houses: This book is not just about interior designers, but also about designers and artists from a wide variety of other domains where good design is essential. Here, the word designer is synonymous with creative projects that are distinctive, inspirational and original. The projects in this book feature many different styles, including classic, ultra-contemporary, bohemian and rustic. These are homes designed with a strong aesthetic and a perfect eye for detail. They represent an extension of the owners' personality and are a powerful form of expression. These thirteen projects feature a number of exceptional designer homes.

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