Fleet Histories Series Volume Six

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The Fleets of Cleveland-Cliffs, Detroit and Cleveland Navigation, Traverse City Transporation and the Hawgood Family

A Historical Narrative and Photographic Depiction of Former and Present Great Lakes Fleets


Author: John Greenwood

Publisher/Date: Freshwater (c. 1998)

ISBN: 9780912514574

Format/Condition: New navy cloth hardcover book with gilt lettering with dust jacket in Fine condition. 198 pages, index; 8.75 x 11.25 inches. Profusely illustrated in black-and-white.

Description: In this sixth volume of the series the fleets of Cleveland-Cliffs, Detroit and Cleveland Navigation, Traverse City Transportation and those of the Hawgood family are detailed. Early beginnings, fleet composition through the years, accident details, interesting incidents in the vessel's career, photographs of each vessel, and known rationale for the eventual cessation of operations are provided. Additionally, each vessel is cross-indexed and vital statistics are provided.

In the general prosperity of this continent, cheap transportation on the lakes has been a factor prime importance. It is, in fact, responsible for the supremacy of the United States and Canada as iron making countries. Were the waters of the lakes dried-up, no railroad, or systems of railroads, nor any land based system of transportation, could hope to handle this traffic. The great iron and steel plants of Ohio, Pennsylvania, the central west, Ontario and Quebec would close and thousands of allied industries would be abandoned. Were it not for these Great Lakes, there would be no possible means of assembling the ore, coal and limestone. Consequently, the economies of both nations, and possibly the world, would have an altogether different course.

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