Culinaria Germany Cuisine - Country - Culture

$ 22.49

Editor: Christine Metzger

Publisher/Date: h.f. Ullmann (2011)

ISBN: 9783833151286

Format/Condition: New very large reddish-brown hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 468 pages, appendix, index. Approx. 11 x 12 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color; maps.

Description: Culinaria Germany invites the reader to venture a look into German cooking pots. Whether freshly caught Matjes from the North, Rheinischer Sauerbraten, or original Swabian Maultaschen, this book’s authentic recipes, covering the full range of regional and national specialties, and its wealth of background information, can stir the heart of even the most culinary-spoiled reader. Take a look at just how hearty, sophisticated, or sweet German cuisine can be.

More than just a cookbook: Food and culture are inexorably tied together. Culinaria Germany reports on every aspect of the country's cuisine within the context of the people who created it. Profusely illustrated with spectacular photography and abundantly peppered with authentic recipes, this volume is a treat for both the mind and the palate. It breaks the country down into 16 separate geographic regions (Bundesländer), and highlights the gastronomic contributions from each of these areas. Names of recipes are in both English and German.

Each section is contributed by a different writer and there are quotes from German literature, informative pieces about various food groups, history behind certain dishes, traditions, festivals. Included is all the information you could ever want about German potatoes: history, varieties, an essay about the thousand and one different recipes for potato salad, and a list of the most famous dishes containing potatoes.

The Culinaria team has spent an entire year discovering and absorbing all manner of facts and ideas to do with food and drink in Germany. In 16 chapters the reader can discover specialties of each federal state from simple and hearty sausage, sauerkraut and beer to stuffed Christmas goose and Mosel wine. Together, experienced reporters and photographers have researched and recorded their material in every region of the country, tracing the route from field to package or to plate. They have discovered answers to questions that have long been a mystery.

What significance did salt and pepper have before they became an everyday item on the table? Why were cows driven up to mountain pastures? What is contained inside a working man's lunch pail called a Henkelmann? What thoughts came to the poets as they quaffed their wine?

This book provides a history of industrial food production and a host of recipes for readers to cook their way through all the regions of the land. Cooking methods are illustrated and explained using detailed sequences of photographs, making it easy to follow recipes. Culinaria Germany contains over 1,500 gorgeous and instructive, color photos, maps and illustrations. Between its covers the reader will find all the secrets normally hidden beneath the lids of the nation's cooking pots.

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