Illustrated Catalogue of Underglaze Blue & Copper Red Decorated Porcelains

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in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art

Publisher/Date: School of Oriental & African Studies (2004) Revised Edition
ISBN: 0728603608

Format/Condition: New paperback book is in Fine condition. 119 pages. Measures 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches. Profusely illustrated in black and white.

Description: From the preface:

"The publication of this third section of the Catalogue, the first to be prepared by Miss Margaret Medley, should be especially welcome. The blue-and-white wares comprise the largest single group in the Collection and are the class of Chinese porcelain best known to the public in Europe and America. While Sections 1 and 2 were concerned mainly with the Sung and Ch'ing Dynasties, this is the first that includes a majority of Ming wares, and the first to cover a group permanently displayed in the Ming Gallery of the Foundation.

The problem of distinguishing blue-and-white porcelains of the various Ming reigns is a formidable one, since the earlier shapes and designs were copieq throughout the dynasty. The Foundation Collection, with its wealth of inscribed pieces, offers perhaps the finest group of material in the West for the study of this problem. Miss Medley has put forward some new and provocative views, and while all these may not win immediate acceptance, and some may require modification later on, they will certainly stimulate further studies. It is unfortunate that Sir Percival David's exceptional knowledge has not been available in the compilation of this section on account of a long period of ill-health.
December 1962

Preface to the Revised Edition
The original text for this section of the Catalogue was prepared by Margaret Medley (1918-2000) when she was the second Curator of the Foundation. Her original text was for many years the standard reference on the subject of blue and white porcelain. This text was later revised in 1976, after Sir Percival's death, and after some duplicate pieces were sold to help support the activities of the Foundation. Much has therefore changed in the field of Chinese ceramics and at the Foundation since the publication of the early editions of this Section and a new Introduction has been included in this Revised Edition. All the romanization of Chinese has also been changed to the now standard pinyin system. The results of recent research and excavations have been included here, especially those from Jingdezhen, and the references to exhibitions have been brought up to date along with the Bibliography which has been expanded."

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