Celtic Fairy Tales

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Collected by: Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916) was an Australian folklorist, literary critic, historian and writer of English literature who became a notable collector and publisher of English and Celtic folklore.

Illustrator: John D. Batten (1860–1932)was an English painter of figures in oils, tempera and fresco and a book illustrator and printmaker.

Publisher/Date: Skyhorse Publishing (2014) Originally published in 1892.

ISBN: 9781629142272

Format/Condition: New hardcover book in Fine condition. 267 pages, notes and references. Dimensions: 7.1 x 10.1 x 1.1 inches. Illustrated with eight full-page plates and 37 drawings

Description: Originally published in 1892, this beautifully written collection of Celtic fairy tales is bound to enrapture. Filled to the brim with, as Joseph Jacob says, “both the best, and the best known folk-tales of the Celts,” this is the first of his two collections of Celtic folklore.

Included in this charming collection are tales of romance, tales that will make you laugh, and tales with sadness intertwined. The twenty-six story medley includes:

• Connla and the Fairy Maiden
• Guleesh
• The Horned Women
• Conal Yellowclaw
• The Story of Dierdre
• King O'Toole and His Goose
• The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire
• The Shepherd of Myddvai
• The Story of Deirdre
• The Wooing of Olwen
• The Sea-Maiden
• Jack and his Master
• Beth Gellert
• The Battle of the Birds
• The Lad with the Goat-Skin
And many more!
The magic of these stories is brought to life with fantastical sketches by John D. Batten that are interspersed throughout the pages, including eight full-page illustrations. The wonder, witchcraft, and magic found in Celtic tales are sure to enrapture all readers, young and old alike.

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