George W. Jones Printer Laureate

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Author: Lawrence W. Wallis is a typographer and type technologist. He has written over 600 articles, 184 weekly columns and 8 books on type-related issues.

Publisher/Date: The Plough Press, Mark Batty Publisher (2004) First US Edition.

ISBN: 9780972563673

Format/Condition: New black cloth hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 128 pages, notes, index. 6.6 x 9.5 inches. Illustrated in black-and-white with 8 pages in color.

Description: from the publisher:

This book provides the first extensive review of the life and work of George W. Jones (1860-1942) and fills an important gap in the literature of graphic design and printing history. He was one of the most respected and celebrated fine printers of his generation, producing books for notable publishers such as the Limited Editions Club and the Nonesuch Press.

Jones entered the printing industry as an apprentice in 1873, and became an independent printer and publisher in London in 1883. In 1911 he established the venture known famously as the Sign of the Dolphin. Jones was appointed the printing adviser to the Linotype organization in 1921, where he was directly responsible for the creation of a number of distinguished typefaces for linecasting, including Granjon, Estienne, Baskerville, and Georgian. Jones spent time in the United States and had close contact with leading contemporaries such as William Rudge, Bruce Rogers, W.A. Dwiggins, and others.



1. Apprentice

2. Journeyman

3. Master Printer and Publisher

4. Linotype and Miehle Machines

5. Colour Printer

6. Industrial Exile

7. At the Sign of the Dolphin

8. Printing Adviser

9. Type Designer

10. Book Collector

11. Book Printer

12. Jones and the Morison Circle

13. Jones the Celebrity

14. Retired Printer


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