Beauty Freely Given

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A Universal Truth

Artefacts from the Collection of Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Author/Photographer: Christopher John Bowden and Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Publisher/Date: Garage Press 2012 t.p. (c. 2012) First ed. NAP

ISBN: 9780956680334

Format/Condition: New paperback book with in Fine condition. 60 pages. Profusely illustrated with color photographs. Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.5 inches

Description: Robin Hanbury-Tenison, one of the greatest explorers of our time and a tireless champion of the rights of tribal people, accrued a major collection of artefacts on his many expeditions. These objects were given to him as gestures of friendship and simple generosity during the 50s, 60s and 70s. They were made, worn and used by the givers, and were often precious to them.

Together with numerous early black and white photographs taken in those early years, these artefacts were exhibited for two months in the National Theatre in London in early 2013. They have since all been donated to Eton College, where they are on permanent display as The Hanbury-Tenison Collection in the Natural History Museum and the Geography School. Here, sensitively photographed by Chris Bowden, they are described by Robin, who tells how and where each object was acquired.

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