Art of Distilling Whiskey, Moonshine, and Other Spirits

$ 9.99

An Enthusiast's Guide To The Artisan Distilling Of Potent Potables


Edited by: Bill Owens and Alan Dikty

Publisher/Date: Crestline Books (2015) Reprint edition

ISBN: 078583253X
ISBN-13: 9780785832539

Format/Condition: New hardcover book in Fine condition. 176 pages. Dimensions: 10 x 8 inches. Profusely illustrated in color.

Description: "The Art of Distilling Whiskey, Moonshine, and Other Spirits" is an encyclopedic guide to the thousand-year history and dynamic future of the distillation of whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy, and more. This carefully researched book will give the reader a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of just what is actually in those bottles on the back bar. The variety of labels and colors of glass behind your local watering hole are just as varied as the processes it takes to get liquid into those bottles.

Distilling spirits has been an art form for centuries and is still alive and well today. This book shows how the basic ingredients - water and grain - are transformed into a full range of superb, timeless liquors and even moonshine. Most other books on spirits chronicle the historical side of distilling or focus on the flavors of various vintages, but in this book, the actual craft of distilling is covered in depth. Readers will find a thorough examination of distilling techniques along with information on the varieties of stills and equipment used to create these exquisite libations.

Whether you are an industry professional, a novice, or simply appreciate a fine dram, this will be a valuable addition to your home collection. This is not a how-to book on making your own spirits book.

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