American Angler's Book

$ 9.99

Embracing the Natural History of Sporting Fish, and the Art of Taking Them

With Instructions In Fly-Fishing, Fly-Making, And Rod-making;
And Directions For Fish-Breeding


Author: Thaddeus Norris (1811-1877) was affectionately known as Uncle Thad and commonly referred to in American angling history as "The American Walton". "The American Angler's Book" established Norris as the Father of American fly fishing. As a tackle-maker and merchant, he participated in the development of the modern fly rod. A noted writer and widely admired man, he had profound influence among American anglers.

Publisher/Date: Skyhorse Publishing (2015) Originally published in 1864.

ISBN: 9781632206824

Format/Condition: New hardcover book with dust jacket in Near Fine condition: tiny tear to bottom of dust jacket, barely noticeable. 701 pages, index. Dimensions: 6.1 x 9.1 x 2 inches. Illustrated with 80 wood engravings.

Description: Over one and a half centuries after its original publication, Thaddeus Norris’s "The American Angler’s Book" remains a classic heavily sought after by fishing enthusiasts and collectors. Considered father of American fly fishing, Norris’s encyclopedic compilation of nineteenth-century tackle and the making of it, information on diverse fish species, and fishing theories and musings was an immensely important tome that helped popularize sport fishing in the United States. Much of the information is still relevant to pursuers of the modern sport. Topics covered include:

• Hooks, sinkers, swivels, leaders, snoods, lines, rods, and reels
• Perch, pike, carp, herring, catfish and eels, salmon, and trout species and behaviors
• Saltwater and fly fishing methods and tackle
• Repairs, fly-making, and rod-making
• Fish breeding
And more!
With information copiously gathered and published during the American Civil War, Norris was a leader in his field. Containing a wealth of exquisite engravings, "The American Angler’s Book" is a must-have addition to any serious fly-fisher’s collection.


Chapter I Angling
Chapter II General Remarks on Fish
Chapter III Tackle in General
Chapter IV The Perch Family-Percidae
Chapter V The Pike Family
Chapter VI The Carp Family-Cyprinidae
Chapter VII The Herring Family Clupeidae
Chapter VIII Catfish and Eels
Chapter IX The Salmon Family Salmonidae
Chapter X Salt-water and Fishing
Chapter XI Trout Fly-Fishing—Outfit and Tackle
Chapter XII Trout Fly-Fishing—The Stream
Chapter XIII Salmon Fishing
Chapter XIV Salmon Rivers of the British Provinces
Chapter XV Repairs, Knots, Loops and Receipts
Chapter XVI Fly-Making
Chapter XVII Rod-Making
Chapter XVIII Fish Breeding
Dies Piscatoriae (Latin for "A Day of Fishing")
• The "Houseless Anglers"
• The Noonday Roast
• First Nooning—Trout-fishing in Hamilton County, New York
• Second Nooning—Trout-fishing in New Hampshire
• Third Nooning—Trout-fishing in the regions of Lake Superior
• Fourth Nooning—Trout-fishing in the Adirondacks
• Fly-Fishing Alone
• The Angler's Sabbath
• Conclusion
• Supplement

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