20th Century Pewter Art Nouveau to Modernism

$ 18.99

Author: Paul Carter Robinson

Publisher/Date: Antique Collectors Club (2012)

ISBN: 9781851496150

Format/Condition: New hardcover book with dust jacket in Fine condition. 231 pages, index. Dimensions: 9.50 x 11.75 inches. Lavishly illustrated in color and black-and-white.

Description: A comprehensive, lavishly illustrated guide to 20th century pewter, which combines key international manufacturers and designers in one book. "20th Century Pewter" traces the development of styles from Art Nouveau to Modernism highlighting the important factories and workshops in this seminal period of design and is the first book to delineate the artists and manufacturers.

Pewter is a versatile alloy which has been used to make a wide variety of domestic objects since antiquity. Malleable and lustrous, it was commonly used for making tableware until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when porcelain and glass became more popular.

An inexpensive alternative to silver, it re-emerged as a popular material in the twentieth century, allowing for a new-found flexibility, and encouraging designers to experiment with form. From architectural finesse to the smallest everyday object, pewter was used globally, and was favored as an inlay for decorative panels, furniture, vases, and bowls.

This volume highlights the important factories and workshops of Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia, Japan, and America. Histories of Wurttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik (WMF) and Liberty & Co. are included, as well as details of marks and monograms. With invaluable information on restoration, care, reproductions and fakes, the volume includes over 350 original photographs of outstanding examples of twentieth century pewter design.

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